Welcome toBayside Colorectal Group

Bayside Colorectal Group is a team of specialist colorectal surgeons, with Dr Paul Sitzler and Dr Vignesh Narasimhan. The group caters to the needs and geographic location of central and suburban Melbourne, with an emphasis on the bayside suburbs. The aim is to provide up-to-date quality service in the field of colorectal surgery. Through initial assessment, diagnosis, investigation, surgical treatment, and follow-up, the focus remains on efficient, state-of-the-art management.

Dr Paul Sitzler has been practicing as a colorectal surgical specialist for over 25 years and has a commitment to treating patients in the bayside suburbs hospitals whenever possible. Similarly, Dr Vignesh Narasimhan has obtained sub-specialty training in colorectal surgery in the Australian colorectal training program and overseas at Memorial Sloan Kettering Institute, with high volume robotic cancer surgery. He joins the group, sharing our commitment to providing top-quality care to the local community.

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