Anal Cancer

The anal canal is 2-4 cm long and surrounded by a group of muscles called the anal sphincter complex, this acts to maintain continence. The lining of the anal canal changes from squamous epithelium to columnar epithelium as it goes upwards into the rectum. Cancers can occur involving the lining cells and as such can …

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Colon and Rectal Cancer

Cancer of the colon or rectum occurs when cells lining the bowel replicate in a disordered and destructive manner and these cells also have the ability to spread beyond the bowel into the blood stream or lymphatics to other parts of the body. The sex incidence is about equal and the incidence in our community …

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Inflammatory Bowel Disease

This group of conditions are generally Ulcerative Colitis (Colitis – inflammation of the colon) and Crohns Disease and sometimes colitis cannot be classified and is termed Indeterminate Colitis. These are inflammatory conditions of the colon and in the case of Crohns disease can also affect the small bowel and even stomach. The condition affects both …

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